Patriot I

The armoured tactical vehicle featuring high maneuverability is intended for deployment with Rapid Reaction Forces to carry out reconnaissance and patrol duties.

  • Mobility and obstacle crossing capabilities
  • Fire-extinguishing system for the cabin and the engine
  • Ballistic protection - Level 2 - 3 - STANAG 4569
  • Anti-mine protection - Level 2a/2b - STANAG 4569
  • Crew 1+1+4

Patriot II

PATRIOT II is a medium-class armored combat vehicle for a wide range of missions capable to transport up to 8 soldiers.

  • Modular platform
  • Great off-road mobility
  • Comfort and safety for the crew (2+6)


TRITON is a commander-reconnaissance vehicle used by firefighter rescue force of Czech Republic.

  • Great mobility
  • A/C, NBC filtration system, outer water cooling
  • Ballistic protection and anti-mine protection
  • Crew of 2+2

About platform

PATRIOT vehicles have been designed as a medium-class armored wheeled combat vehicles with remote controlled weapon station equipped with gun mounts, carrying potentially up to 20 mm RCWS, 7.62, 12.7 or 14.5 mm calibre machine guns, automatic grenade launchers, and anti-tank weapon systems.

PATRIOT can be produced as a multi-purpose tactical vehicle in configurations suitable for artillery support, general military reconnaissance, command and staff, chemical medevac and other. The PATRIOT II is a development of the PATRIOT vehicle, incorporating several new features, especially a prolonged cabin with more space for troops and equipment.

Thanks to versatile platform vehicles mission kits can be modified as per customer requests. Due to A/C and NBC filtration system there is a high level of comfort and safety for crew. The cabin and the engine are also equipped by fire-extinguishing system. Regarding to air and water cooled engine is the vehicle suitable for every environment. 

6-8 crew
110 km/h
700 km cruising range


special vehicle for fire rescue forces

TRITON is a command-reconnaissance vehicle for use in difficult terrain conditions and in high-risk environments. It is therefore suitable for use against fires with risk of explosion in areas with hazardous or explosive material and ammunition, for accidents in chemical plants, in areas contaminated with toxic substances or, for example, in natural disasters or forest fires or during removing the consequences of terrorist attacks. TRITON will be used as the first deployment vehicle in demanding conditions. TRITON provides the crew with a high level of ballistic (level 2) and explosion protection (level 2a / 2b), with an operating weight of 15 095 kg, a total of 18 000 kg.

The Tatra chassis of the TRITON vehicle is equipped with an air suspension system, thanks to which the clear height of the vehicle can be changed from + 80 to - 110 mm directly from the cab. All differentials have an electropneumatic lock. The cabin can accommodate two crew members, and there are two additional seats available for eventual evacuation of endangered persons. TRITON has a remote-controlled Alco APF2DC nozzle (from the commander's seat using the joystick) located on the right side of the bow of the vehicle and carries 2,000 litres of water in the rear tank. The interior of the cab is equipped with efficient NBC filtration system and air conditioning.

2+2 crew
110 km/h
600 km cruising range
Basic parameters
Specific parameters


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Patriot Product leaflet


Patriot II Product leaflet


TRITON Product leaflet


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